compiled as of July 22, 2005 in the archives of David Adams
available for scholarly research at Olin Library, Wesleyan University, Middletown CT, USA

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Documents from 1992

May 13 - First draft of culture of peace proposal later presented as 140 EX/28. This draft was elaborated by Adams with the help of Kutukdjian and presented to Mayor on May 13. (original to be sent from US)
May 13 - Meeting notes of Adams with Mayor
August 14 - 140 EX/28 Co-operation to promote a culture of peace>. This initial proposal to the Executive Board was formally submitted by Mr Ahmed Sayyad.
October 27 - Debate by PX Commission of the Executive Board on 140 EX/28, with unanimous approval despite some reservations by Japan and no remarks by France or Germany.
October 27 - Resolution 5.4.2 of 140th Executive Board, calling for a UNESCO, not UN programme and emphasizing strengthening of existing sectoral programmes.
November 2 - Meeting notes of Adams and Kutukdjian with Mayor (along with draft budget and timetable)
December 11 - Initial working document "UNESCO and the Promotion of a Culture of Peace", drafted jointly by Kutukdjian and Adams and submitted to ADG/SHS
December 15 - Letter from Traore to Adams establishing budget and contracts for 1993
December 18 - Green Note 92/45 of Mayor establishing Traore's unit (which will pay for the budget in 1993) and placing the culture of peace under SHS

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