compiled as of July 22, 2005 in the archives of David Adams
available for scholarly research at Olin Library, Wesleyan University, Middletown CT, USA

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Documents from 1994

January - Paragraphs 05204-05206 of UNESCO approved Programme and Budget for 1994-1995: to promote the development of a culture of peace
January 17 - Letter and report on 1993 activities from Adams to Mr Traore, Director of Houphouet Boigny Peace Prize
February 11 - Director-General Note 94/10: Implementation of the Culture of Peace Programme
February 16-18 - First International Forum on the Culture of Peace, San Salvador - Final report dated April 1994 - along with March 11 mission report by L. Atherley
March 11-12 - Meeting of United Nations Association of UK (Adams mission report)
April 25 and May 3 - Mission report (Adams) to Mozambique
May 26 - Preparation d'un projet de declaration sur la culture de paix: Memo from S. Tanguiane to the Director-General (with memos of April 15 and April 18 and comments of D-G)
June 20/24 - First monthly report and meeting with the Director-General on CPP activities
July - The New Page, by Federico Mayor, with the collaboration of Tom Forstenzer: page of excerpts concerning the culture of peace
July 12-14 - Vienna Seminar on Peacekeeping (Adams mission report with comments by Director-General)
July 28 - Second monthly report to the Director-General on CPP activities - also minutes from meeting with him on that occasion
August 9 - Director-General Green Note 94/50 concerning implementation of national culture of peace programmes
August 18 - 145 EX/15 report to the Executive Board - The Culture of Peace Programme: From National Programmes to a Project of Global Scope
August 22 - Note from Adams to Atherley concerning Burundi training seminar
August 23 - Note from Adams to Atherley and Sahnoun for culture of peace project in Kenya
September - First brochure of culture of peace programme
September 12 - Note from Adams to Atherley for Culture of Peace in South Africa
September 17 - Speech to annual UN/DPI conference of NGOs (Atherley) with comments by the Director-General
September 23 - Reflexiones para la conceptualizacion de una cultura de paz - Grupo de Reflexion UNESCO-Centroamerica (Lacayo, Chong, Ocampo, Prera) - along with comments by Director-General Mayor September 25, 1994 and Adams January 25, 1995 and documents on culture of peace prepared by Francisco Lacayo from September 1994 to May 1995
September 27-29 First Consultative Meeting of the Culture of Peace Programme: Working document, Final Report and memo concerning discussions with meeting participants
October issue of UNESCO Sources, entitled "Towards a Culture of Peace"
October - Draft Culture of Peace Programme in Mozambique
October 3 - Monthly report to the Director-General on CPP activities
October 3-8 - Opening and closing speeches of Director-General to the International Conference on Education, 44th session, Geneva
October 25 Mission report (Adams) to Mozambique
October 30 -November 6 - Biennial meeting of International Peace Research Association, Malta (Mission report by Adams)
November 30-December 2 - Seminar on Intercultural Conflict Management, Berlin (mission report by Adams)
December 10 - Monthly report to the Director-General on CPP activities
December 12-18 - The Contribution by Religions to the culture of Peace, Barcelona, Final Report
December 14-17 - Colloque national pour une culture de paix au Burundi: Actes du colloque
December 19-23 - Forum National pour la Culture de la Paix au Congo: document de synthese.

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