compiled as of July 22, 2005 in the archives of David Adams
available for scholarly research at Olin Library, Wesleyan University, Middletown CT, USA

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Documents from 1996

February 19 - Note from Adams to DIR/CPP: OECD Ad Hoc Working Group on Participatory Development and Good Governance
February 20 - Letter to Russian delegation concerning meeting for culture of peace in Russia - along with previous correspondence of December 18, November 17 and June 23, 1995.
March 25 - Note from Adams to DIR/CPP: International Institute for the Culture of Peace (along with earlier note on training dated August 30, 1995
March 28 - 149 EX/23: Recent decisions and activities of the organizations of the United Nations system of relevance to the work of UNESCO
April 9-12 - International Roundtable on Development Cooperation as Preventive Peace Policy, Berlin (mission report by Adams)
April 29 - Executive Board opposes disarmament education: Excerpts from debate of 149 Executive Board
May 13 and June 7 - Notes from Adams to DIR/CPP concerning initiative with OECD
May 20-22 - International Forum on Education for Non-Violence, Sintra, Portugal: Mission report by Adams, Savolainen and Smirnov, with Sintra Guidelines for a Plan of Action
June 4-5 - UNRISD War-Torn Societies Donor Consultation, Geneva: Mission report by Adams
June 12 - Symposium of military institutions, "From partial insecurity to global security", UNESCO, Paris
June 26-27 - Central American Military Forum for a Culture of Peace (with poem from Francisco Lacayo to the Director-General)
July - The UNESCO Culture Of Peace Programme In El Salvador: An Initial Report, by Francisco Lacayo Parajon, Mirta Lourenšo and David Adams, International Journal of Peace Studies, Volume 1, Number 2, pages 1-20
July 10 - Transmission letter of Director General to the Secretary-General for UNESCO culture of peace report
July 15 - Memo to Director General from Director of New York Office, Nina Sibal, concerning her activities to support culture of peace at UN
July 18 - Memo to Director of Human Rights Division from Director of New York Office requesting a draft resolution for General Assembly
July 18 - Bosnia CPP Project by Dr Manuel Carballo
July 22 - Director-General note: Women and the Culture of Peace
September 6 - Letter to Mr Sakharov of Russian Delegation concerning culture of peace in Russia
September 18 - Internal memo of New York office concerning El Salvador's initiative for UN culture of peace resolution
September 23 - A/51/395 (UN General Assembly Document): Report of the Director-General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization on educational activities under the project "Towards a culture of peace"
November 9-17 - Report on mission to Southern California (Adams)
November 25-27 - Introduction and adoption of resolution at UN General Assembly (Memo from DIR/NYO)
December 2 - First Newsletter of Culture of Peace Programme with cover letter by DIR/CPP
December 9, 16 and 17 - Meetings of Transdisciplinary Project for a Culture of Peace: Meeting notes
December 12 - A/RES/51/101: (UN General Assembly resolution): Culture of peace
December 17 - Lessons drawn from failures of the culture of peace programme 1993-1996 (Adams - not distributed at the time)

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