compiled as of July 22, 2005 in the archives of David Adams
available for scholarly research at Olin Library, Wesleyan University, Middletown CT, USA

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Documents from 1999

January 12 - Culture of Peace: A Universal Concept at the World Body, Keynote address by Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhury at UNESCO, Paris
January 20-27, March 27 and April 3 - Missions by Adams to United Kingdom to work with United Nations Association (mission reports of 31 January and 8 April with comments by Director-General)
February 1 - Cyber Café at World Scout Jamboree, Chile: Mission report by Varoglu
February 16 - Meeting of Internal Co-ordinating Group for the Culture of Peace
March 3 - Letter from Director-General to President of Education International soliciting involvement in International Year for the Culture of Peace
March 4 - Press conference to launch Manifesto 2000 - UNESCO Press Release
March 5 - Meeting of International Advisory Panel for Culture of Peace: Programme and participants [summary record not available]
March 18 - Director-General Note 99/10: Coordination of the transdisciplinary project "Towards a culture of peace"
March 31 - Meeting of Director-General with Mr and Mrs Pierre Marchand of the Appeal of the Nobel Peace Laureates - notes
April to July - Letters by the Director-General soliciting involvement in the International Year for the Culture of Peace and addressed to all Heads of State, Secretary-Generals of National Commissions for UNESCO, 1,000 mayors, thousands of University Presidents, UNESCO sectors and field offices and media professionals, along with Memo from Adams and Fazzino to the Director-General concerning the strategy involved.
April 16 - Objectives and programme of activities for the International Year for the Culture of Peace: Work in progress (Adams)
April 16 - Memo from DIR/CPP to all UNESCO Field Offices: Logo for the International Year for the Culture of Peace
April 29 - Letter concerning the culture of peace from the Director-General to First Lady Hillary Clinton, along with her reply dated July 30
May 6 - Fourth informal consultation of General Assembly on a draft declaration and a programme of action on a culture of peace (Memo from DIR/NYO to the Director General)
May 9-15 - Hague Appeal for Peace Conference: Mission report by Adams, Andersen and Boulos
May 10-14 - Moderator training workshop in Wolfville, Canada: Mission report by Varoglu
May 16 - Proposal to convert NATO: Memo from Adams to the Director-General
June 5 - First newsletter of CPNN (Culture of Peace News Network) edited by Zeynep Varoglu
June 15-16 - Planning meeting of World Council of Churches for Decade to Overcome Violence (2001-2010), Stuttgart, Germany (mission report of Adams with Director-General's comments)
June 23 - Project of major television programme on France Television for the launch of the International Year
June 27 - Correspondence with UNA-USA concerning proposal that they assume responsibility as National Focal Point for IYCP in USA
July 1 - Memo to Director-General from Adams and Fazzino concerning preparations for International Year for the Culture of Peace
July 7 - Memo of Director-General to all Sectors and Field Offices: Public awareness campaign and official launch of the International Year for the Culture of Peace
July 8-14 - Informal consultations at UN on Declaration and Programme of Action: Memo from DIR/NYO
July 9-13 - World Congress of UNESCO of Clubs and Associations of UNESCO: Mission report by Micheline Boulos
July 23 - Letter from Director-General to Pierre Marchand concerning draft action programme for International Decade for the Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World (along with Marchand's version and notes from their meeting on 7 May 1999.
July 25-26 - Brainstorming meeting on strategies for a culture of peace, Soesterberg, The Netherlands - a report by Anne Adelson, along with Workshop Kit for Culture of Peace by Canadian Voice of Women for Peace
July 30 - Letter to all UNESCO NGOs with partnership agreement for their signature
August 31 - Convocation of National Retired Teachers Association, Pittsburgh, USA: Mission report by Varoglu
September 13 - Debate on culture of peace by UN General Assembly
September 13 - A/RES/53/243 (UN General Assembly resolution): Declaration and Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace
September 14 - Official launch of International Year for the Culture of Peace: UNESCO Press release and programme for event at UNESCO (along with 29 July memo to the Director-General concerning planning for the event)
September 14 - Synopsis of events world wide for opening day of International Year for the Culture of Peace (with comments of Director-General and update of October 27)
September 24 - 157 EX/39 - Evaluation report on the transdisciplinary project Towards a culture of peace
October 6 - Correspondence with Promoting Enduring Peace, requesting their undertaking of National Focal Point for IYCP in US
October 10-16 - Seoul International Conference of NGOs: mission report by Gosselin and Fazzino
October 18 - Special Assignment for Ms I. Hasuo for culture of peace in Japan: memo from Director of Cabinet (with background correspondence on the matter)
October 21-27 - Cover letters from Director-General and DIR/CPP to UNESCO Field Offices, National Commissions for UNESCO and UN Resident Coordinators for distribution of Manual for National Focal Points for the International Year for the Culture of Peace (see books for Manuals in English, French and Spanish)
October 27 - Partnership agreement with UNA-UK as National Focal Point in UK, along with memo to Director-General, letter from Prime Minister Tony Blair, and report of activities for IYCP in the UK
October 29-30 - Administrative Committee on Coordination of United Nations (ACC): Excerpts of notes from its Second Regular Session for 1999
November - 30th General Conference: Synopsis of plenary remarks by Member States concerning culture of peace
November 17 - UNESCO Programme and Budget 2000-2001 approved by the General Conference: paragraph 05101 - International Year for the Culture of Peace
November 20-27 - CPNN Moderator training in Jordan: Mission report by Bretherton
December 18 - Letter from New Haven Peace Commission in USA, with official statement for IYCP by Governor of State of Connecticut
December 30 - Second newsletter of CPNN (Culture of Peace News Network) edited by Zeynep Varoglu

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