As of February 2007, in addition to the 5,000 pages of documentation previously entered, a new and supplementary set of papers has been deposited in the Wesleyan archives, amounting to an additional 5,000 pages bound by six-month periods. These papers include an unbound collection of 30 miscellaneous publications dedicated to the culture of peace during the years 1993-2001. Here is the list:

Beyond the Peace Accords: The Foundations of the Culture of Peace in Central America - booklet of 30 pages published by UNESCO El Salvador around 1995 (in both English and Spanish).

Estórias de Reconciliação - booklet of 68 pages published by the National Commission for UNESCO of Mozambique in 1994 (in Portuguese).

Cultura de Paz e Democracia - book of 211 pages published by the National Commission for UNESCO of Mozambique in 1995 (in Portuguese).

Year 2000: Towards a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence - book of 270 pages sponsored by the Russian Institute of Culturology, Russian Ministry of Culture, and printed by Edit-Club publishers, Moscow, in 1998 (in Russian)

Construyendo La Paz - book of 169 pages published by the UNESCO office for Central America in 1997 (in Spanish)

Programa Cultura de Paz: Los Albores de un Nuevo Paradigma - book of 170 pages published by the UNESCO office for Central America and UNESCO El Salvador in 1995 (in Spanish)

Culture of Peace 2000 - booklet of 63 pages published by the National Federation of UNESCO Associations of Japan in 2000 (in Japanese)

Différents, pas indifférents - book of 123 pages published by le college Jean Vilar d'Echirolles (France) in partnership with UNESCO in 1997 (in French)

From a Culture of Violence to a Culture of Peace - book of 276 pages in the series of Peace and Conflict Issues published by UNESCO in 1996 (in English)

Agenda Escolar 2001-2002 para una Cultura de Paz - agenda book over 200 pages published by the Fundación Cultura de Paz (Madrid) in 2001 (in Spanish)

Social Change and Culture of Peace - book of 363 pages sponsored by the International Institute for Prospective Problems of Sociocultural and Political Development and printed by VES MIR Publishers, Moscow, 1998 (in Russian and English)

Planet Society: A worldwide exchange network for a new art of living on earth - a pamphlet of 18 pages published by UNESCO - PATRICOM, 1996 (in English)

Cultura de Paz en El Salvador - a book of 79 pages published by the UNESCO Office for Central America and Panama, 1997 (in Spanish)

Inventons la Paix: Huit écrivains racontent … - a book of 95 pages published by Librio (Thuringe, German) and distributed in France by Flammarion, 2000 (in French)

Agenda Cultura de Paz 2001 - an agenda book of about 150 pages published in full color by Radio Nederland and the UNESCO Office for Central America and Panama, 2000 (in Spanish)

Declaration and Integrated Framework of Action on Education for Peace, Human Rights and Democracy - a 14 page brochure published by UNESCO, 1995 (in English)

Culture of Peace "Living together in harmony" 2001 - Calendar issued by the Korean National Commission for UNESCO (in English)

World Culture of Peace Index 2000 - Pamphlet of 64 pages published by the Committee for the Culture of Peace, Peace Forum, the Munhwa Ilbo Daily, Seoul, 2000 (in English)

Programa de Cultura de Paz da UNESCO - Folder of 6 pages in full color published by the UNESCO Office in Brazil, 2000 (in Portuguese)

El Mes en la UNESCO - Magazine of 48 pages published by the Centro Católico Internacional para la UNESCO (Paris), July-September 2000 (in Spanish)

Culture of Peace and Non-Violence in Russia 1998-1999 - Booklet of 41 pages published by the Moscow Office of UNESCO (Russian language version)

A Culture of Peace and Tolerance: A Birthday Calendar - published by the National Commission for UNESCO of Namibia, 2000 (in English)

Creating a Culture of Peace: A Workshop Kit - 16 pages produced by Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, 2000 (in English)

Wanganui: Culture of Peace - An art book of 28 page produced by organizations in the city of Wanganui, New Zealand for the Year 2000 (in English)

Towards a Women's Agenda for a Culture of Peace - a book of 265 pages produced by UNESCO, 1999 (in English)

Peace and War: Social and Cultural Aspects, A book of 125 pages produced by UNESCO, 1995 (in English)

L'Année de la Culture de la Paix, a calendar/agenda book of about 100 pages produced by the Post of France for 2000 (in French)

Nos Voeux: Monde-Sur-Paix, a calendar produced by the city of Ivry-sur-Seine (France for the Year 2000 (in French)

Donors Information Meeting: Paris 4 December 1998 - a booklet of 36 pages produced by the Culture of Peace Unit of UNESCO (in English)

Pour les enfants du monde: Culture de la non-violence - a fiche prepared by the Appeal of the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, cover and 24 pages, 1998 (?) (in English)

Other documents bound separately

Excerpts concerning culture of peace from verbatim record of plenary at 30th General Conference, November 1999

Consultant proposal submitted by Philippe Gilleron, April 1999

Report to the International Advisory Panel for Culture of Peace, Paris, 4-5 March 1999

European Union revision of Declaration and Programme of Action, February 9, 1999, with my comments for the Director-General

CPNN Grant Request designed for Microsoft, August 1999

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