Competitive and Territorial Fighting: Two Types of Offense in the Rat Table 3.
Effect of Food Deprivation on Competitive and Territorial Fighting
Page 18

Competitive Fighting

Territorial Fighting

Bite   Bite &
OSP†  Attack‡        Bite   Bite &
OSP†  Attack‡

No deprivation
12-h deprivation 0.430.501.130.931.030.771.301.80
24-h deprivation 0.630.500.871.130.330.431.100.76
36-h deprivation 0.870.701.531.570.600.400.871.00

Notes: All data are frequency of motor patterns per 20-min test.
† OSP = offensive sideways posture
‡ Attack was calculated as the sum of bite and bite-and-kick.

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