There is No Instinct for War
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I. Introduction
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II. Motivational Systems
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III. An Example of Warfare
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IV. History of Warfare
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V. Warfare and Marriage
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VI. Conclusion
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In conclusion, there is no evidence for a special instinct of war. Instead, there is considerable evidence that warfare is a cultural institution with an ancient history and close relations to other cultural institutions, e.g., marriage systems. Therefore, we can encourage the millions of people around the world who are engaged in the struggle to abolish war and militarism. We can say to them that there is nothing that we know in biology that stands in the way of the abolition of war. Instead, we can note how contradictions between social institutions have led historically to changes in them. We can note how there is a contradiction in our time between nuclear warfare and the very survival of culture itself. And we can predict that the time has come when the institution of war can be abolished.

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