The UNESCO Programme is dedicated to the free flow of information among all parts of the movement. Contributing to this flow of information, the Programme is developing an information and networking system. Information about activities of organizations is entered into a computerized database, and will be used in periodic publications, including a newsletter which is expected to be sent out two or three times a year. In addition, the Programme disseminates information on its own activities, including a brochure and occasional publications and reports.
Readers, whether individual or as representatives of organizations or institutions, are invited to take part in the information and networking system by sending information for the database and by entering their coordinates on the mailing list and eventual Internet linkage.
This work of networking is essential, for in the final analysis, the task of constructing a culture of peace is accomplished by thousands of individuals, working on their own or through institutional structures. Quoting UNESCO Director General Federico Mayor: 'To provide the needed solidarity, both intellectual and moral, to unite people working around the world for peace and justice, to inspire hope and persistence for the common task, a vision is needed. UNESCO invites everyone to join with us in the creation of this vision and its realization as a culture of peace .'

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