Motivational Systems of Agonistic Behavior in Muroid Rodents TABLE I a:
Terminology of Offense Motor Patterns in Various Muroid Rodents
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Genus and species |
Authors |
Approach |
Bite-and-kick attack |
Offensive sideways posture |
Offensive upright posture

Muroid rodents in general

Various species Eisenberg, 1967 (with Eibl-Eibesfeldt) Approach= Annaherung

Rush= Angriff

Chase= Verfolgung
Locked fighting= Kampf-stellung

Bite= Kampf-beissen

Attack leap= Anspringen
Side display= Breitseits-drohen

Shouldering= Schieben

Sidling = Ducken mit Korperseite
Upright threat= Droh-stellung

Sparring= Pfoten-trommeln

Rattus norvegicus
Mus musculus
Mesocricetus auratus
Grant and Mackintosh, 1963K/b> Threat/thrust
Full aggressive posture (in Rattus only)
Offensive sideways posture Offensive upright posture

Family Muridae

R norvegicus
R rattus
Barnett, 1958a Approach Leaping and biting Threat posture Boxing

R rattus Ewer, 1971 Swift run to opponent


Leaping, biting, and striking

Rolling, wrestling fight

Chase and bite rump
Broadsiding with kick-off


Rearing up


R fuscipes Barnett and Stewart, 1975 Approach Clash Threat posture Boxing

R villosissimus Begg, 1975 Approach

Attack leap

Rolling, wrestling fight
Offensive sideways posture Upright posture

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