The Activity of Single Cells in the Midbrain and Hypothalamus of the Cat during Affective Defense Behavior
Figure 4: Histological localization of uninjured single cells in the midbrain. Page 19
localization of cells in midbrain

Results of stimulation are shown on left and results of recording on right. Brain sections taken from atlases of Jasper and Ajmone-Marsan and Reinoso-Suarez. AM: nucleus anterior medialis. CL: nucleus centralis lateralis. CS: colliculus superior. FLN: fasciculus longitudinalis medialis. Fx: fornix. GC: griseum centrale. HL: hypothalamus lateralis. Hvm: hypothalamus ventromedialis. MD: nucleus medialis dorsalis. Mm: corpus mamillare. N III and N IV: nuclei of third and fourth nerves. NR: nucleus ruber. Pti: pedunculus thalamicus inferior. RE: nucleus reuniens. Ret Mes: substantia reticularis mesencephalica. TMT: tractus mamillo-thalamicus. VA : nucleus ventralis anterior. VM: nucleus ventralis medialis. VPM: nucleus ventralis postero-medialis.

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