A Genetic Analysis of Aggressive Behavior
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Testing Sequence

Preliminary data indicated that prior experience with footshock could alter the performance in competitive fighting and isolation-induced fighting tests, but that shock-induced fighting and restraint reactions were relatively unaltered by other fighting tests. For that reason the competitive fighting and isolation-induced fighting tests were always conducted before the others.

Statistical Analysis

In addition to presence or absence of each particular behavior, the latency and persistence of behavioral acts and postures were determined in competitive and isolation-induced fighting tests. There were few differences in latency or persistence, however, once a behavior occurred at all. The only exception was latency to olfactory investigation by WAG-Rij rats, and that could be appropriately expressed in percentage terms (percentage of animals showing behavior within first five minutes of test). Since all major data were in terms of presence or absence of a particular behavior, the appropriate statistical tests were non-parametric: the X² test and Fisher's Exact Test for a 2x2 contingency table (Siegel, 1956).

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