compiled as of July 22, 2005 in the archives of David Adams
available for scholarly research at Olin Library, Wesleyan University, Middletown CT, USA

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Documents from 1995

January 13 - Report to the Director-General (annotated by him) for training of parliamentarians in Mozambique
February - Culture of Peace Programme in Mozambique (revised version)
February 21 - Note from Adams: UN Report on Gender and Agenda for Peace, as well as report from United Nations expert meeting for Beijing Conference, "Gender and the Agenda for Peace"
February 24 - Meeting of Special NGO Committee for Disarmament (Paris) - Report by Adams
March 31-April 4 - International Conference on Conflict Mediation and Consolidation of Peace in Bonn (Mission report by Adams) "
April 11 - The Khartoum Declaration
April 11 - Note from DIR/CPP to DIR/SHS/YSA: Simulation of "Culture of Peace" for Scout Jamboree
April 17-20 - Mission report from Symposium on the culture of peace in Somalia, Sana'a Yemen (Adams)
May 21-30 - Study visit by Mozambican parliamentarians to South Africa and Malawi by Noel Chicuecue and C Lowe Morna
July 3 - Note from Director CPP to Director General on progress in CPP
September 4-15 - Women's Contribution to a Culture of Peace: Statement at Fourth World Conference on Women, Beijing
September 20 - 28 C/123: Report on the Action of the Culture of Peace Programme
September 23-26 - Symposium on the fundamental problems of the Sudan, Barcelona, Final Report
September 28-29 - Final Report of Internal Consultation of Culture of Peace Programme
October Monograph by D. Adams UNESCO and a Culture of Peace: Towards a Global Movement - re-published 1997 by UNESCO Press in an abbreviated form with a more conservative format) [Note: the republished book is provided here among the books; the text of chapters 1, 2 and 10 - modified against my wishes in the revised version - are copied here as well from the original version]
November 13 - Resolution on Medium-Term Strategy for 1996-2001 adopted by UNESCO General Conference "convinced that the major challenge at the close of the twentieth century is to begin the transition from a culture of war to this culture of peace" and excerpts from text of 28 C/4, the UNESCO Medium-Term Strategy 1996-2001
November 20 - Memo to Director of New York Office, Jorge Werthein, from Anita Amorim along with Peruvian project for culture of peace resolution
November 22 - Speech by the Director General to the Norwegian Nobel Institute dedicated to the culture of peace with mention of a human right to peace
November 26-30 - Second International Forum on the Culture of Peace Philippines (The Manila Forum): Final Report
December 1 - Memo to the Director General from DIR/NYO concerning UN draft resolution on culture of peace
December 5 - Memo to the Director General from SA/LAC and DIR/CPP concerning "Process of reflection on culture of peace"
December 7 - Note by Adams: Elements for speeches by Director-General to the military
December 13 - Memo from Director of New York Office concerning action by Third Committee of General Assembly on a draft resolution for the culture of peace
December 22 - UN General Assembly Resolution A/RES/50/173: United Nations Decade for Human Rights Education: towards a culture of peace

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