Brain Mechanisms of Aggressive Behavior; An Updated Review
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Title page & Abstract
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Behavioral Descriptions
Page 4

Motivational Mechanisms
Page 5

Defense Motivational Mechanism
Pages 6-7

Offense Motivational Mechanism
Page 8

Interactions &
Hormone Effects

Page 9

Relations in Hypothalamus
Page 10

Sensory Analyzers of Offense & Patrol/Marking
Page 11

Sensory Analyzers of Familiarity
Page 12

Sensory Analyzers of Defense
Pages 13-14

Motor Patterning Mechanisms
Page 15

Sensory Analyzers for Releasing & Directing Stimuli
Page 16

Testing the Model
Page 17

Acknowledgements & References
Pages 18-19-20-21-22-23-24-25


I would like to acknowledge and give thanks to the many students at Wesleyan University from 1971 through 1993 who worked with me on the brain mechanisms of aggressive behavior, as well as to Harry Sinnamon, my colleague throughout those years, whose suggestions were always helpful, including on the present review paper.


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